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BroadSheep TV

Welcome to broadsheep.wordpress.com. This blog was going to be called ‘Put Up Your Dukes’ on account of it being a series of live music videos of bands who have (mostly) played at The Dukes, Presteigne the night before and then having been given a bed for the night feel obliged to accomodate my devilish plan to film them playing live in the front room straight after their first cup of tea. However the name was a bit obscure even for me so we decided to stick with the corporate image. At the time of writing I have a couple of vids ready to go but we will soon find out how easy it is to get them up and running.

Regards Pete

So here is the first video a fresh mix of John Etheridge’s Sweet Chorus playing ‘Blue Drag’ and it is a delightfully relaxed romp through the tune despite the bands South Pole style garments. We are especially big fans of Chris Garrick’s bluesy style of fiddle playing and the rhythm section, Andy Crowdy and Dave Kelbie, are the biz!